By Golly it's Time I Updated

Every year after Gencon I get myself into a rather manic state of mind. Seattle summer usually starts about then, and there are generally about three weeks of it left, so I rush around determined to make to most of it. After that, the rain starts in again and I settle into my winter painting routine. Often I’m grumpy about the end of summer, but generally content to focus on miniatures again. By the time that I have gotten something painted, it has been a very long time since I last updated my blog. And hey, I’ve put it off so long, what’s a few more weeks? So here we are five months later…

My big news is that I just finished filming a miniature painting DVD with Darksword. It’s got roughly 12 hours of footage, and I was able to get some nice blends on camera. We had to do some goofy things to make sure that it went well. They tied a cord around my ankle and yanked it whenever my face got into the shot. At one point, I was taped to the table to keep me from gesturing with the miniature – I do tend to wave my hands around when I speak and that kind of footage would make people seasick.

Also, I’ll be going to Genghis Con in February and teaching a couple of classes there. I’m looking forward to seeing the Denver painters again – it’s been too long.

Nom keeps right on growing, and has gotten himself a magnificent ruff. It turns out that his parents both reach full growth at around 4 years old, so he’s got quite a bit of growing to do yet. Sometimes I wonder if that explains his less-than-quick learning. He used to bonk his nose on my ankles whenever he was frustrated with me. Lately he’s learned that that gets a better reaction out of me if he uses his teeth. Perhaps his cat-like instincts are developing, though on the other hand, he recently lost a fight with a towel, and has learned to fear the water dish.

I’ve had some computer troubles. The upside is that I have a new computer. The downside is that I lost a number of emails from very nice people who really deserved responses. To everyone who expected a response from me and didn’t get one – Sorry, I am a terrible slacker with bad backup habits. To everyone who had to wait a really long time for a response, I offer the same apology.

Here are the minis I’ve produced while I was hunkered down and sulking about the end of summer, as well as some done prior to gencon that I hadn’t gotten around to posting: