Darksword Bonanza

People are getting excited about the Darksword painting DVD, which was just announced on their website, and I’m excited too. 🙂 It’s on track for Gencon, and may even be released a little beforehand. People interested in the DVD can buy them from me, if they like. I’ll donate 20% of sales to Children with Cancer to join forces with Newbold World’s fundraising effort.

Back in the day, Gencon used to provide handlers for the mini painting teachers. They were great, they would tell me when and where to go, brought me clean painting water, and smoothed all the administrative bumps of teaching at Gencon. They’ve done away with handlers, who must have gotten sick of cat-herding. As a result, I very nearly missed the submission deadline for classes this year. Fortunately, I remembered that there was something I ought to be doing, and got my classes in, with minutes to spare.

Another of the things they’ve changed is that my class listings now state, “No Materials Provided” in the description. This is misleading, and I’m vexed at them. On my end of the interface, that button looked like, “Do your students need to bring anything.” To clarify, no one *needs* to bring anything – I bring a large pile of teaching materials and cool stuff. I do encourage people to bring examples of their work, and email questions ahead of time. This lets me tailor my classes to individual interests.

As exciting as the DVD release is, what people are really interested in the adventures of Nom. Never one to disappoint, he keeps on being special. His latest culinary achievement is developing a taste for sunscreen. If you’re wearing any, he’ll follow you around the house squeakily asking to be allowed to lick it off. Silly kitty, you’d think that one trip to the vet to be filled with charcoal and iv’s would be sufficient motivation not to eat toxic things.

I lost track of how long it had been since my last update, so here is a whole pile of Darksword mini pictures: the Undine, who is a hot, wet, Darksword chick, Chet and Bolo, the criminally-minded varmints, the Steampunk Guinea Pig, Augustus the Imperial Maine Coon, and the Westie Viking.