Happy Cats

I have an update on foreign shipping for my DVD. I found a way to get a good deal on DHL shipping, which is the fastest way to ship internationally for under $100. The cost to ship overseas is now $15, and your package should take about 3 business days to arrive, after I ship it.

The cats have returned to business as usual. Nom has recovered and resumed his favorite past-time with the Kitten, which is Greco-Roman wrestling. For cats, they certainly grunt a lot. The kitten keeps surprising me with his special skills. The latest is his ability to lock himself into things. He likes to lean against doors, which closes them, and he managed to shut himself up with my elder cat (who disapproves of him mightily). There was some chaos…

My latest mini is the High Elf by Darksword Miniatures. I have wanted to paint a this feminine color scheme for quite a while. It has been in the back of my mind for more than a year, waiting for a suitable mini.

Ordinarily, I like to paint silly things after mini-painting projects so that I don’t take painting too seriously – usually I end up painting squigs, but right now I’m all squigged out. Instead, I’ve been painting beetles on rocks, which I find tremendously satisfying. This is Polybothris sumptuosa gemma and he makes me very happy. 🙂