Wall o’ Pics

I’ve been in rare form this month. I spilled Andrew’s drink down the backside of my pants, learned that limequats shouldn’t be eaten, and rescued my fish from a leaky aquarium.

Just like me, my younger cat, Nom, is still working on wisdom. The cats have a laser toy which automatically wiggles a laser around. This is handy because the cats have more patience with red dots than I do. Unfortunately, I left the toy unattended and when I returned, I found Nom having a staring contest with it. He seems to be okay, but his wisdom score is clearly too low for unmonitored laser toys.

A while back, my cats declared war on my furniture. Two couches were casualties of battle. However, after a prolonged stay in the infirmary, one of my comfy chairs was declared fit for duty. It has been months since I’ve had serviceable furniture. My elder cat is very happy to have a soft spot again and has stapled herself in place.

Work was unusually fun last week. There was suddenly a need for super delicate soldering, so I volunteered. While I didn’t know much about soldering, I am fairly decent at small detail work. The chip which needed soldering had seven little pads along each side on the bottom. Each pad was half a millimeter wide, so it was quite a challenge. However, it turns out that soldering small things is a lot like painting, so my soldering was successful.

I’m getting in gear for Gencon, and hopefully I’ll have a Darksword piece again this year. I’m also starting to prepare for my classes. If you’ve signed up, or are hoping to attend with generic tickets, I’d love to see pictures of your work. I do my best to tailor my classes to the individual skills of my students.

I’ve been having fun with Darksword critters, I love these guys, they really make painting fun.