Back from Genghis Con

Genghis Con was a lot of fun; I really enjoyed hanging out with the artists and meeting the local painters. Thanks to everyone who took my classes. After a successful first attempt, I think I may be brave enough to teach NMM at Gencon this year.

As I mentioned in one of my rare Facebook updates, I had a bit of a skiing crash afterwards while I was enjoying the lovely Colorado slopes. I recovered from that without any painting delays at all.

I painted Ar-Fienel for the contest and she earned a gold medal. The bones on her base are from owl pellets (they were cleaned before I got them) the skull is a lizard skull from eBay with horns sculpted on. I paint dead things!

Recently, I purchased a little fountain for my cats. I fixed the dripping bathtub faucet, so Nom was deprived of his favorite drinking spot. A fountain seemed like a good replacement. Well it turns out that he’s scared of it. If he gets too close, he’ll lie on his belly and scoot backwards until he’s at a safe distance. My elder kitty is pretty happy about his reaction, and is smugly enjoying the fountain.