New Minis (from December)

I have been having some difficulty with my hands lately. Nothing too bad, but they are clicky and stiff, and tend to be sore after a long day of painting. My prolonged daily computer use can’t be that good for them either. So as a preventative measure, I have acquired a pen and tablet mouse for home computing. It’s actually working out pretty well, except that my writing implements migrate around the house. Whenever I want to use the computer I need to have a mouse-hunt, which is actually pretty helpful for avoiding unnecessary procrastination.

Back in December, I mentioned that I had Darksword minis to show which hadn’t been released yet – I thought they were coming soon. Well here they are! Darksword is great at planning releases in advance. I knew this in general, but this was more so than I was expecting, which makes me a big tease.

The Peacock Thief of Hearts came from my concept sketches. Also, I have learned how to use the settings on my camera. Perhaps learned is a bit strong of a word – an informed person told me what settings to use. (Thanks Andy!) So here are my before and after pics of the Thief of Hearts along with a Turtle Mage and my latest bug on a rock.