Rainbow Brush 2016

Last year, miniature painters worldwide came together to express our support of the LGBT community in response to cruel legislation. This year, we again have the chance to use our art to reinforce the message that gaming is for everyone. Muslims in America are facing oppression at a national level where all Muslims are being painted in the same negative light, so let’s raise our brushes in celebration of the achievements of Islamic culture. Let the soaring domes of the Taj Mahal, the allure of the Arabian Nights, and their contributions to astronomy, chemistry, math, and medicine inspire your entries for the 2016 Rainbow Brush.

This will be a large undertaking, because such a celebration should be as spectacular as effort can make it. I welcome anyone who wants to help by contributing ideas, donating prize support, or just sharing updates on social media.

Here’s the general outline of the contest:

The Gencon Event:

This will be held at Gencon in Indianapolis as an add-on to the main event, and all entries will be subject to the rules of the main event. The 2015 rules can be (found here) There will be a form to fill out indicating that you want to participate in the contest.

In order to enter your mini in the contest, it will need to depict some aspect of Islamic culture which you find inspiring.

Prize support will be along the following lines:

Technical Merit:

  • 1st Place – Tier 1 prize
  • 2nd Place – Tier 2 prize
  • 3rd Place – Tier 3 prize

Best Interpretation:

Ordinarily when I judge painting contests I’m a real stickler about technique – blends must be perfect, highlights must be consistent, etc, etc…  This limits the winners to the people who have spent years refining their painting skills.   I’m aware that this leaves many great pieces unrecognized, which would be really unfortunate in a contest about inclusivity. This category is intended to reward a piece with an awesome concept, even if the technique is not masterclass level.

Judges Favorites:

If there are enough entries, I may have prize support for a “Judges Favorites” category as well.  I have judged many contests and sometimes there are pieces where that just break my heart because I can’t give them an award.

The Online Event:

Venue TBD,


Manufacturers from all over the world are coming together to make this an awesomely supported contest. The list of supporters is coming soon.