The Rainbow Brush 2015

For Gencon 2015, I am organizing a special painting contest because I am really saddened that the Religious Freedom bill passed in Indiana, home of Gencon.  I want to do my part to make sure that everyone feels welcome at the convention, but more than that, I feel that Gamers have a unique culture of inclusivity and I want to celebrate that too.  I have been a part of this great community for many years, and it has always struck me how little our politics and ideologies divide us.

This will be a large undertaking, because such a celebration should be as spectacular as effort can make it. I welcome anyone who wants to help by contributing ideas, donating prize support, or just sharing updates on social media.

I don’t have all the details ironed out yet, but I want to get this page up so that everyone can see where the project is at, and where it’s headed.

Here’s the general outline of the contest:

The Gencon Event:

This will be held at Gencon in Indianapolis as an add-on to the main event, and all entries will be subject to the rules of the main event (found here) There will be a form to fill out indicating that you want to participate in the contest.

In order to enter your mini in the contest, it will need to have each color of the rainbow represented.

Prize support will be along the following lines:

Technical Merit:

  • 1st Place – Tier 1 prize
  • 2nd Place – Tier 2 prize
  • 3rd Place – Tier 3 prize


Best Interpretation:

Ordinarily when I judge painting contests I’m a real stickler about technique – blends must be perfect, highlights must be consistent, etc, etc…  This limits the winners to the people who have spent years refining their painting skills.   I’m aware that this leaves many great pieces unrecognized, which would be really unfortunate in a contest about inclusivity.

Judges Favorites:

If there are enough entries, I may have prize support for a “Judges Favorites” category as well.  I have judged many contests and sometimes there are pieces where that just break my heart because I can’t give them an award.

The Online Event:

How silly would it be to hold a contest celebrating inclusivity without allowing everyone to participate?  Not everyone can make it to Gencon, and not everyone wants to go, but many want to participate in this event regardless.  The solution is to have an online contest.

The excellent folks of WAMP Forums have agreed to host the online branch of the contest.   This contest will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place determined by online voting, as well as an award for judge’s favorite.


Manufacturers from all over the world are coming together to make this an awesomely supported contest.  As prizes come in, I’ll be updating them here:

Manufacturer Prize Support 
Axe Faction 2 Druids on Rabbit Mounts
Bombshell Miniatures 20 Minis to be split between Wamp and Gencon
Chessex A special Rainbow brush die for the first 100 participants of Gencon’s rainbow Brush.
DarkSword Elmore Dragons Special Edition Resin Diorama Kit
Figure Painter Magazine 1 year subscription to eZine
Forge of Ice Gencon/Wamp split: 10 Tarzan figures 10 Lizardmen warriors (two poses, five each) 10 Okroi, deer-dinosaurs (two poses, five each)
Infamy Miniatures Large assortment of miniatures
Gencon Gencon 2016 Passes
Jason Wiebe Orangutan Bust
Jen Haley Rainbow Brushes: 4 da Vinci Maestro Series 10 Kolinsky brushes, sizes 4, 2, 0, and 5/0, with custom lacquered rainbow hologram handles, in a carrying case.
John Atter 3 Sasha and Tank Girl & Booga casting for Wamp, 4 for Gencon
Me Gencon/Wamp Split – Many 6 packs of assorted Darksword minis
Newbold World $100, $50,  $25 for Wamp, $100, $50,  $25 for Gencon. Matching donation to charity.
Phil Lacefield 4 T Shirts from JBM Press
R squared Studios Complete set of Zombie Plague minis
Reaper Kaladrax, Nethyrlmaul the Undying, Master Series Starter Set 2
Templates and Widgets 2 paint racks and 2 corner racks
TGJ Hobbies  Paint Stand
Secret Weapon Miniatures 3 Weathering Sets for Wamp, 4 for Gencon
 Wayne Rogers  Exotic Wooden Plinth